The Tsugumomo OVA was announced on March 6, 2019 alongside the announcement of a second season of the anime.[1] It was crowdfunded via Fanbeats raising 7,989,500 yen, obtaining 266% of their original goal of 3 million yen.[2][3]

It was released on January 22nd, 2020, bundled with a special edition of Volume 24.[4]

The main theme from the Tsugumomo Original Soundtrack was used as the ending theme.



The OVA approximately 20 minutes, featuring 6, short slightly erotic episodes that could not be broadcasted on tv.[5]

My Tsukumogami Master

My Tsukumogami Master (僕のつくもがみさま, Boku no tsukumogami-sama) focuses on Kazuya's daily life with Kiriha, from waking up to her naked in bed to taking a bath with her after school.

It is an adaptation from the extra chapter of the same name from Volume 8.

At the Public Bath

At the Public Bath (銭湯にて, Sentō nite) focuses on the Kagami-family's trip to the public bath along with Chisato.

It is an extended adaptation of the extra chapter from Volume 2 after Chapter 9.

My Master

My Master (僕のご主人さま, Boku no goshujin-sama) focuses on Sunao and Kotetsu's time in the bath together.

Kokuyou's Repayment

Kokuyou's Repayment (黒耀の恩返し, Kokuyō no ongaeshi) focuses on Kokuyou attempting to repay Kazuya for letting her into their household.

It is an adaptation of an omake from Volume 5.

Last Fortress

Last Fortress (最後の砦, Saigo no toride) focuses on the aftermath of Kazuya's battle with Sunao, with Kiriha and Kukuri taking care of the incapacitated Kazuya.

It is an adaptation of the extra chapter in Volume 6 after Chapter 30 which was previously adapted in Episode 12.

Perverted Reading Session

Perverted Reading Session (エロ本会議, Ero honkaigi) focuses on Kazuya being interrogated by the girls after an erotic book is found in his possession.

It is an adaptation of the extra 4-komas at the end of Chapter 7 with additional elements, having Kokuyou, Chisato, Kukuri and Sunao also present as they try to uncover his fetishes.

Manga/Anime Differences

  • Added several scenes of various birds on the tree outside Kazuya's house.
    • A pair of pigeons.
    • A heron (?)
    • A swan.

My Tsukumogami Master:

  • Added scene showing off Kiriha's popularity at school.
  • Added scene of Kiriha falling asleep during class.
  • Removed scene of Kiriha casually scratching her crotch at home.
  • Removed Kasumi Kagami telling Kazuya the bath is ready.
  • In the anime a sponge is missing. In the manga it was a towel.
  • Added bits of dialogue from Kiriha while she sleeps.

At the Public Bath:

  • Added extra scene at the Kagami household before they left for the bath.
  • Added scene of the girls in the locker-room.
  • Scene of Kukuri and Kiriha konchoeing each other is replaced with a tickle fight.
    • Added different scene of Kukuri and Kiriha konchoeing each other after initial fight.

Kokuyou's Rapyment:

  • Removed Kokuyou offering food to Kazuya first.
  • Kokuyou inner-thoughts about being complimented are changed to spoken dialogue.
  • Added Kokuyou offering Kukuri to join in.
  • Removed Kazuya asking how Kokuyou learned of paizuri.

Last Fortress:

  • Added flashback to Kazuya asking to go to the washroom.

Perverted Reading Session:

  • The generic manga they are reading is replaced with the real hentai novels Seikan Inma Esthetic written by Chikara Takaoka and illustrated by Akira Kusakami.
  • Added Kukuri, Kokuyou, Chisato and Sunao to be also present investigating Kazuya's fetishes.
  • Added additional fantasy scenes for each character and Kotetsu.
  • Added scene revealing it was Kasumi's book.
  • In the manga, Kazuya was released after the first bell ring.

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