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The Tsugumomo OVA was announced on March 6, 2019 alongside the announcement of a second season of the anime.[1] It was crowdfunded via Fanbeats raising 7,989,500 yen, obtaining 266% of their original goal of 3 million yen.[2][3]

It was released on January 22nd, 2020, bundled with a special edition of Volume 24.[4] In November of 2020, the OVA was made available for streaming on Crunchyroll along with the rest of the series.[5]

The main theme from the Tsugumomo Original Soundtrack was used as the ending theme.



The OVA approximately 20 minutes, featuring 6, short slightly erotic episodes that could not be broadcasted on tv.[6]

My Dear Tsukumogami

My Dear Tsukumogami (僕のつくもがみさま, Boku no tsukumogami-sama) focuses on Kazuya's daily life with Kiriha, from waking up to her naked in bed to taking a bath with her after school. It is an adaptation from the extra chapter of the same name from Volume 8.

Kazuya narrates a day in his life with Kiriha starting with him waking up. Kazuya wakes Kiriha up and put her clothes on for her. At school, Kiriha sleeps until lunch where she and Kazuya share food. After school, Kiriha spots a restaurant serving special pudding and convinces Kazuya to purchase some for him by force. The two share and enjoy some putting together. At home, Kazuya internally monologues about Kiriha's habit of wearing loose clothing. The two bathe together, which Kazuya describes as the greatest trial of the day. While washing each other, Kazuya gets Kiriha to moan a little and grows confident. Kiriha grabs Kazuya by the genitals when she sees him acting smug. The two go to sleep together and Kauzya thinks to himself how his days with her despite all the trouble Kiriha causes.

At the Bathhouse

At the Bathhouse (銭湯にて, Sentō nite) focuses on the Kagami-family's trip to the public bath along with Chisato. It is an extended adaptation of the extra chapter from Volume 2 after Chapter 9.

Kukuri, Kokuyou, Kazuya and Kiriha are lounging in their living room when Kiriha suddenly suggests they visit a bathhouse. Kiriha plays around with Kukuri's clothing until Chisato, who happens to be there too, tells them to stop. As Kiriha charges into the baths, Kukuri trips her. Kukuri feigns innocence and Chisato warns Kiriha about running around. While washing, Kiriha messes with Kukuri by poking her and Chisato wonders if Kazuya is also present at the bathhouse. As Kukuri enters the bath, Kiriha konchoes her. Kukuri returns the favor and the two begin to fight. Chisato punishes them both by spanking them with her towel and tells them to stop misbehaving. Kokuyou's stomach growls and the group exit to drink some milk while still naked, prompting Chisato telling them to get clothed. At home, Kazuya applies ointment to Kiriha's butthole while Kiriha states she will get revenge on Kukuri.

My Dear Master

My Dear Master (僕のご主人さま, Boku no goshujin-sama) focuses on Sunao and Kotetsu's time together.

As a child, Sunao had Kotetsu wash her back. Kotetsu expresses embarrassment to which Sunao tells him to man up and clutches his crotch. Sunao inspects Kotetsu's genitals some more upon noticing them to be different from her brothers, grabbing it causing Kotetsu to cry out. Kotetsu monologues about Sunao's excessive demands as a child, having him do her homework, giving her his food, and having him take the blame for destroying a vase. Near the present, Kotetsu taps out as Sunao locks him in with a chokehold. At night, Kotetsu catches Sunao resting with her blazer on, telling her it will get wrinkled if she sleeps like that. Sunao tells Kotetsu to take it off for her. Kotetsu complies, removing her uniform for her and putting a blanket over her as she falls asleep before leaving.

Kokuyou's Gratitude

Kokuyou's Gratitude (黒耀の恩返し, Kokuyō no ongaeshi) focuses on Kokuyou attempting to repay Kazuya for letting her into their household. It is an adaptation of an omake from Volume 5.

Kazuya finds himself alone drinking tea with Kokuyou and thinks of how to strike up a conversation. Kokuyou offers Kazuya a boobjob, flustering Kazuya. Kokuyou explains she wishes to show her gratitude to Kazuya to repay him for his kindness towards Kukuri. She explains that being a crow, she has no concept of what Kazuya would like, believing he would prefer someone such as Kukuri over her. Kazuya rejects Kokuyou's statement, telling her she is very beautiful. Kokuyou thanks Kazuya for the compliment and continues to offer Kazuya the boobjob. Kiriha and Kukuri walk in on the situation and Kukuri screams. Kokuyou offers Kukuri to join in to which Kukuri states she physically cannot.

The Last Stand

The Last Stand (最後の砦, Saigo no toride) focuses on the aftermath of Kazuya's battle with Sunao, with Kiriha and Kukuri taking care of the incapacitated Kazuya. It is an adaptation of the extra chapter in Volume 6 after Chapter 30 which was previously adapted in Episode 12.

Kiriha and Kukuri help Kazuya urinate after he finds himself paralyzed as an after-effect of using Ascension. As Kiriha holds, Kukuri prepares the lower half of Kazuya's body while he cries. Moments prior, Kazuya had expressed the need to use the toilet, but now regrets doing so. Kiriha grows tired, suggesting the wring the piss out of him, and begins handling Kazuya more aggressively. This causes Kazuya to ejaculate instead, with some landing on Kukuri's face. With no other options, the two are forced to place a diaper on Kazuya instead, much to his embarrassment.

Perverted Reading Session

Perverted Reading Session (エロ本会議, Ero honkaigi) focuses on Kazuya being interrogated by the girls after an erotic book is found in his possession. It is an adaptation of the extra 4-komas at the end of Chapter 7 with additional elements, having Kokuyou, Chisato, Kukuri and Sunao also present as they try to uncover his fetishes.

Kazuya reads to Kiriha a book before Kiriha gives him the first volume of Seikan Inma Esthetic to read. Kazuya reads a few lines to Kiriha before he realizes what he is reading and asks where she got the book from. Kiriha reveals she had found his hiding spot of erotic novels and magazines. Kiriha asks which is his favorite which he refuses to answer, prompting Kiriha to run trials on Kazuya to find out. Kazuya is tied up to a pole and an arrow and bell representing his penis are placed over his crotch, while Kiriha, Kokuyou, Kukuri, Chisato and Sunao read various scenarios in the magazine but self-inserting themselves instead.

Kiriha reads a story in which she is a vampire turning Kazuya into her servant. Kazuya loses control and pins Kiriha down while stripping her. Kazuya arrow goes up causing the bell to ring and Kiriha teases Kazuya for his fetishes. Kokuyou is inserted into a scenario where she is a cheating housewife living in an apartment complex. Sunao is inserted into a story where she is a princess knight who has been captured by a group of bandits. Kokuyou comments on wish fulfillment aspects of the scenarios are while Sunao expresses her disgust. Kiriha moves on to the next magazine while Kazuya screams for them to stop. Kukuri is inserted into a scenario where she acts as Kazuya's mother and cleans his ears. Chisato is inserted into a scenario where she is raising her skirt to Kazuya after school. Kazuya continues to plead them to stop as he cries. Moving onto the last magazine, Kukuri comments she found it hidden in the toilet tank. Kotetsu is inserted into a scenario where he asks Kazuya if he are okay with him being a boy. Kiriha asks if he bisexual but Kazuya denies that magazine being his and Kiriha wonders whose it is. Elsewhere, Kasumi reads the yaoi magazine with an expression of delight, implying the magazine was hers.

Manga/Anime Differences

  • Added several scenes of various birds on the tree outside Kazuya's house.
    • A pair of pigeons.
    • A bittern.
    • A swan.

My Dear Tsukumogami:

  • Added scene showing off Kiriha's popularity at school.
  • Added scene of Kiriha falling asleep during class.
  • Removed scene of Kiriha casually scratching her crotch at home.
  • Removed Kasumi Kagami telling Kazuya the bath is ready.
  • In the anime a sponge is missing. In the manga it was a towel.
  • Added bits of dialogue from Kiriha while she sleeps.

At the Bathhouse:

  • Added extra scene at the Kagami household before they left for the bath.
  • Added scene of the girls in the locker-room.
  • Scene of Kukuri and Kiriha konchoeing each other is replaced with a tickle fight.
    • Added different scene of Kukuri and Kiriha konchoeing each other after initial fight.

Kokuyou's Gratitude:

  • Removed Kokuyou offering food to Kazuya first.
  • Kokuyou inner-thoughts about being complimented are changed to spoken dialogue.
  • Added Kokuyou offering Kukuri to join in.
  • Removed Kazuya asking how Kokuyou learned of paizuri.

The Last Stand:

  • Added flashback to Kazuya asking to go to the washroom.

Perverted Reading Session:

  • The generic manga they are reading is replaced with the real hentai novels Seikan Inma Esthetic written by Chikara Takaoka and illustrated by Akira Kusakami. Several volumes of the novel are found amongst Kazuya's hidden stash along with two fake pornographic magazines.
  • Added Kukuri, Kokuyou, Chisato and Sunao to be also present investigating Kazuya's fetishes.
  • Added additional fantasy scenes for each character and Kotetsu.
  • Added scene revealing it was Kasumi's book.
  • In the manga, Kazuya was released after the first bell ring.

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