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Yagokoro Omoikane-no-Mikoto (八意思兼命(やごころおもいかねのみこと), Ya-gokoro-omoi-kane-no-mikoto), often referred to as Old Man Kane (力礻爺, Kane jī) is Kamioka's resident weather god and lord of wisdom and intelligence. He sells Curse Forecasts to Kukuri.


Omoikane appears as a short old man with white hair and light skin. He is bald with bush eyebrows covering his eyes entirely, reaching his beard, which completely covers the lower part of his face with his small round nose being the only visible feature. He has stretched earlobes reaching down to his shoulders.

He wears traditional Japanese robes and a pointed hat. He carries his weather sack on his back.


Omoikane is very perverted and makes no effort to hide it, as he openly embracing Taguri Kaneyama's breasts and adapting her perverted variant of concentration for his business. He seems to have a preference for large breasts. Omoikane shows a sense of duty as a god, helping to defend Kukuri against the assault from Mayoiga and later, risking his life in the battle against Kanaka Kagami.


After borrowing money from Taguri Kaneyama, Kukuri, Kiriha and Kazuya Kagami visit him to purchase a Curse Forecast. Omoikane finds that they are short on cash, having raised the price and offers for them to pay by playing concentration. Kukuri and Kiriha immediately recognize his plan and strike him, knock him out.

Mayoiga Revolt Arc

Omoikane along with Taguri, Kazuya, Kiriha, Sunao Sumeragi, Kotetsu, Kokuyou and Kukuri meet at the Hakusan shrine to confront Mayoiga's invading force.[1] Kukuri and Miurahi face off in single battle, but Miurahi is killed by Azami who uses his Stone Shard to revive Kanaka Kagami.[2] Kanaka defeats the remaining Mayoiga forces before battling against the three gods along with Sunao and Kotetsu.[3][4][5] Kanaka is victorious and kills Kukuri, taking her Stone Shard.[6]

Omoikane survived the battle with serious injuries and returned to his shrine to heal after Kanaka was sealed away by Kasumi Kagami and Saori.[7]


Weather Sack (天象袋(てんしようたい), Ten Shiyoutai): A large sack which Omoikane carries on his back. It has the ability to manipulate weather, summoning various weather effects from it.[8]

  • Lightning Trident (電三叉(らいさんさ), Raisansa): The Weather Sack outputs a cyclone of wind from which three bolts of lightning strike.[8]
  • Torrential Targeted Hail (豪雹的(ごうひようてき), Gōhyōteki): From the Weather Sack, Omoikane rapidly shoots large pieces of hail at the target.[9]
  • God Rending Icicle (神裂氷柱(しじきつらら), Shijiki Tsurara): Omoikane summons an enormous pillar of ice from the Weather Sack to strike his target.[10]


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