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The Ookane Shirahagi Shrine (大銀 白羽儀神社(おおかね しらはぎじんじや), Ōkane Shirahgi Jinja) is a shrine located in H. City in I. prefecture. It is dedicated to Kukuri.[1]


The Ookane Shirahai Shrine is a large temple. Leading up to the shrine is a large pathway and outside are a saisen, an ema display, kazaridaru, flags and lampposts. The pathway leading up to the main building splits into three directions, with one pathway leading to another building. In contrast to the Hakusan Shrine in Kamioka, many visitors can be seen visiting the shrine.[1]

The shrine contains large bathhouse resembling an indoor hotspring, with water flowing out of a rock underneath a torii gate. Within the bathhouse, spiritual techniques are forbidden, forcibly preventing the use of certain abilities such as a tsukumogami's projections.[2]


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