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Ouna Oriobana (織小花 央菜, Oriobana Ouna) is a human-tsukumogami hybrid and the half-body of Ouhi Oriobana.

When fused together, Ouhi usually acts as the main personality. Ouna can take over, resulting in their form changing to her childlike form. Though their ability to split was kept secret to most, after the Nine Masters Tournament they have begun to remain separated in public more frequently.




Oriobana was born to a wig tsukumogami mother and human father. Her mother taught her the custom of "pure naming" in which changes names to avoid settling on a true name.[1] At the age of twenty-one in a runed temple, Ouhi's used Ouna's hair to create a make-shift phallus to use for her "first time".[2]


Memories of Kanaka Arc

Before departing for Tsuzura Temple, Ouhi Oriobana splits herself into two, leaving Ouna to monitor Kanaka while Ouhi takes Kazuya to Tsuzura Temple.[3] While watching over time stopping barrier, Ouna visits Taguri Kanayama. Taguri invites Ouna to bathe at her shrine and Ouna gives her condolences for Kukuri's death. Taguri explains that Kasumi placed a time stopping barrier on Kukuri as well, meaning there is a chance for her resurrection but states not to tell Kazuya since it is still uncertain. Taguri takes up Ouna's offer on repaying Taguri's hospitality and begins to fondle Ouna in the bath.

Tsuzura Temple Arc

Ouhi has Ouna return to the temple and fuse back together so she can be at full power for their match in the Nine Masters Tournament. Ouhi fights with Shiori who uses a puppet band on a hairpin tsukumogami to counteract Ouhi's hair based abilities.[3] Ouna berates Ouhi for still treating Shiori as a student, trying to bring out the best in her abilities. Ouna switches place and overpowers Shiori before switching back. Just as Shiori admits defeat, a razor tsukumogami emerges from her towards Ouhi, defeating her.[4] The razor shatters and Ouhi realizes Madarai had plotted the attack unbeknownst to Shiori.[2]

Ouhi's defeat

Discussing their plan in the bath, Ouna berates Ouhi for go easy on Shiori at the last moment and punishes her. Ouna deduces that the enemy had used Hakuenko to extract information from Ouna, revealing all their secrets and strategies. With no reason to hide anymore, the have Fox Mask reveal herself as Sunao. Ouna has Kazuya and Sunao perform spiritual intercourse so that Kazuya can transfer his energy to Sunao, Ouna helping them in the matter. After it is done, Sunao expresses no noticeable difference but Ouna does, stating the two should do so again sometime.[2]

Sunao defeats Suguru Susuzumi but is unable to move from having used Ascension in her battle. Ouna has them perform spiritual intercourse again to have Kazuya refill Sunao's energy, stating it did not work previously due to Sunao being full on energy. The processes works and Ouna and Ouhi return Sunao to her room to rest.[5]

Ouna stays combined with Ouhi during Kazuya's battle with Madarai in the final match of the tournament. When Kazuya uses Domination Ouna separates and explains what it is to the others.[6] Kazuya overburdens Kyouka using domination, causing her to break apart.[7] Kiriha revives and wraps Kyouka up and passes her to Ouhi for her to watch over while she and Kazuya finish the battle, ultimatley resulting in their victory.[8]

After recovering the remaining Mayoiga tsukumogami from Madarai, they find that they are not waking up. After Kazuya collapses from exhaustion, Ouhi explains to the others that the vessels of their souls were damaged by Madarai too much and their spirit power is leaking out. Ouna states there's only one way to save them, alluding to having Mararai aid them.[9] While Ouhi visits Madarai for his help, Ouna, Shinobu and Sunao take the unconscious Kazuya to the bath wash him and perform spiritual intercourse to replenish his energy.[10]

Ouna is present with Kazuya when he asks Shinobu to be on of his partners.[11] Later on, Ouna explains to Kyouka's surprise that they having Kazuya experiment owning five tsukumogami including her.[12]

Ouna has Arumi use her divinations to reveal the best training method for Kazuya.[13] Finally beginning Kazuya's training, Ouhi assigns Kazuya the task to take care of Frozen Stock #1517, rescuing Mami Mamisaka who is consciously trapped within a book by her amasogi. Ouhi splits herself, having Ouna accompany Kazuya on the task while Ouhi remains at Tsuzura Temple for precaution. Ouna brings Kazuya and Kiriha to Mami, and introduces the two to Ayame Ayamein and Oureisho who help Kazuya and Kiriha enter Mami's novel world.[14] Prior to sending them into the book world, Ouna has gives them a month's worth of various supplies, which Mimane stores in her mirror world.[15] Ouna re-explains the plan to Kazuya's other tsugumomo, Kyouka, Shinobu and Sosogu, warning them of the potential dangers of getting separated before they depart.[16] While the group are in the novel work, Ouna speaks to Ayame, revealing her reasoning for such an unorthodox training method.[13] Mamisaka recovers and Ouna congratulates the group on their success. Later in the Tsuzura baths, Ouna is punished via spankings along with Kazuya and Kiriha by Shinobu for their poor behaviour on the mission. Ouna in particular is punished by Sosogu for not supervising Kazuya properly during the mission.[17]

Kazuya's Partners Arc

Shortly Kazuya returned from the novel world, Ouna and Ouhi hear of Kazuya's encounter with a minor monster in town, relating it to similar recently reported incidents in which Kamioka has been epicentre of. The two have Arumi use her monthly divination, seeing no change in the situations for the foreseeable future. They tell Arumi about the current state of finding partners for the Mayoiga tsugumomo and who her brother Akito has been paired with.[18]

Divine Resurrection Arc


Expert Combatant: Oriobana is a highly skilled eighth sigil exorcist. When both her halves are together dodging and countering barrages of attacks with ease and able to move at great speeds. She is shown to be able to manipulate her spiritual energy to overpower a hairpin tsukumogami's projections, overcoming her natural weakness.

Body Split: Oriobana's ability to split herself into two entities. Ouhi creates a smaller childlike version of herself known as a half body (半身, Hanshin) named Ouna. In doing so, portions of their strength, skill and spiritual power is split among them. Ouna continues to exist as a separate personality with Ouhi even when they fuse back together. Though Ouhi is the "main body", Ouna is also able to change places with her completely. They can share information with each other by holding hands.

Ouna Spirit Neutralization.png

Oriogushi (織小髪(おりおぐし), Oriogushi): Oriobana's half tsukumogami nature allows her to manipulate her hair in various ways just as other tsukumogami are able to manipulate their object forms. Many of her techniques are similar to the weave techniques used by Kiriha and Azami. Due to being part hair tsukumogami, she has a weakness to tsukumogami based on items such as hair pins and razors.

  • Hair Chakram: Oriobana is able to create a large out of her hair, powerful enough to cut through wood.
  • Hair Shield (髪盾(かみたて), Kami tate): Oriobana creates a spiral shield with her hair to protect against attacks.
  • Hair Lily (髪獪扇(かみひおうぎ), Kami hiōgi): Oriobana uses her hair to create six large petals which she spins around to parry attacks.
  • Black Karate Punch (黒正拳(くろせいけん), Kuro Seiken): Weaving her hair into a fist, Oriobana punches her opponent.
  • Barrage (連打, Renda): Oriobana extends her hair into multiple large strands and bombard her opponent with attacks.
  • Black Seeds (ぬばたま, Nubatama): Oriobana creates many small circular clumps of hair, chucking them into the air and has them rain down on her opponent with great force.
  • Thousand Pearl Knot (千珠総角(せんじゆあげまき), Senjiyu age maki): Oriobana creates a weaved shield resembling a Chinese knot.

Chapter Appearances

Chapter Appearances
Chronicles of Ziral Arc
114. Welcome to Another World Flashback
115. Slaves in Another World Flashback
116. Wall Dungeon Minadonari Absent
117. Level Ups and Tentacles Absent
118. Dabada's Dark Reputation Flashback
119. Demon King Suppression Force Absent
120. Demongarden Mushroom Appears
121. Shinobu's Plan Absent
122. Teaming Up With Tilt Absent
123. Showdown with Dabada Absent
124. Showdown with Dabada 2 Absent
125. Kazuya vs. Daemon Dabada Absent
126. Kazuya vs. Daemon Dabada 2 Absent
127. Kazuya vs. Daemon Dabada 3 Appears
Kazuya's Partners Arc
128. Moody Shinobu Appears
129. Welcome Back, Tsuzura Temple Appears
130. Maddy and Taguri Absent
131. Sosogu and Kazuya Absent
132. Sosogu and Kazuya 2 Absent
Divine Resurrection Arc
133. Offering Thief Appears
134. Resurrection Absent
135. Shirane's Trial Absent
136. Death Preparations Absent
137. Chigaeshi, the Great Barrier Absent
138. Blood Mirror Mansion Absent
139. Shinobu's Kiss Absent
140. Yomi's True Phoenices Absent
141. Taunade Absent
142. Taunade vs. Kazuya Absent
143. Jawfire Fortress Absent
144. Hollowspine Demons Absent
145. Hollow Consumption Absent
146. Taunade Sensei Absent
147. Pulling Out Absent
148. Shirane's Feelings Absent
149. Escaping God's Bamboo Grove Absent
150. Yomi Grand Mortuary Absent



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