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The Personal Advice Club (お悩み相談室, Onayami Sōdan-shitsu) is a school club in Kamioka East Middle School, formed by Kazuya Kagami and his friends to provide consultation to other students in order to better deal with aberrations.


The Personal Advice Club was formed by Kazuya Kagami the day Kiriha enrolled into Kamioka East Middle School.[1] The club was formed in order to more efficiently deal with aberrations. By providing consultation to other students, they are simultaneously able to gather information on potential aberrations and provide help before problems arise.[2]

Of the consultation requests received, 70% are Shirou Shiramine related incidents, 20% are love letters to Kiriha, with only the remaining 10% being proper requests.[3]


Club Advisor: Kukuri Shirayama




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