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Puppet Bindings (傀儡帯(かいらいたい), Kairaitai) are scrolls which allow Tsugumomo to be used without a contract.[1]


Originally called Golden Bands (金導帯(きんどうたい), Kindōtai), these scrolls were simply meant to expand Tsukumogami abilities. Due to the negative side effects, Tsuzura Temple renamed them Puppet Bindings and had them sealed away but not destroyed in case they were ever needed.[2]

Puppet bindings are capable of drawing out a tsukumogami's power beyond their limit as was their original intended function.[3][2] They function similarly to seal bindings, allowing the user to seal their tsugumomo within the small portable scrolls. Unlike seal bindings, they do not require the user have a contract with their tsugmomomo, and allow the user to forcibly use tsugumomo without exhausting any of their own spirit power while they remain sealed. Due to this, they tend to quickly over exhaust the sealed tsukumogami, killing them.[1] Excessive use of them can cause the owner of the subjugated tsukumoagmi to mutate.[2]

Due to their tendency to kill tsukumogami, their usage is considered taboo by Tsuzura Temple, and are considered a dark part of the facility's legacy.[1]


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