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Rokkaku (六角(ろつかく), Rokakku) is a staff tsugumomo and member of Mayoiga who participated in the Mayoiga revolt.[1]


In his human form, Rokkaku appears as a bald muscular man with a soul patch and hexagonal tattoos on his chest and shoulders.[2]



Rokkaku was among the residents of Mayoiga who expressed their discontent on relying on Arumi Ashimine's divination to no results after many years.


Mayoiga Revolt Arc

Rokkaku was one of the residents of Mayoiga that revolted and part of the team responsible for the direct assault on Kukuri. He is the first one to attack Kukuri and is immediately killed by her.[1]


Staff Proficiency: As a staff tsugumomo, he wielded a six foot staff as his primary weapon and was presumably skilled with it. He had confidence in his own ability to handle a weakened Kukuri.[3]

  • Heavenly Destruction - Five Element Smash (天破五輪破(てんぽこりんくたき), Tenpo Korinkutaki): Rokkaku unveils his staff and charges at his opponent with a flurry of five rapid thrusts.[2]


  • The name Rokkaku means "hexagonal" (六角).


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