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Ryuugou (龍哈(りゆうごう), Riyūgou) is a sumitsubo tsugumomo and partner of Suguru Susuzumi.



Tsuzura Temple Arc

Suguru Susuzumi uses Ryuugou in his match against Sunao Sumeragi in the Nine Masters Torunament.[1]


Fundamental Abilities

  • Black Steelstring (黒糸綱(こくしこう), Kokushikō): By sending out pins with strings attached, Ryuugou can stop the pin at the desired location and pluck it, creating a copy of the string from the sumitsubo to the pin's location. These copies can float in mid-air but allow Suguru to pass through them. Suguru can concentrate his spiritual energy into the string to increase their strength. Though they can easily be cut, they are strong enough to endure attacks such as Sunao Sumeragi's air slashes if she does not use enough energy.[1] Touching the wires can easily cause cuts.[2]
    • Sewn Area (綴化圏(てつかけん), Tetsukaken): Ryuugou creates many copies of string around vicinity, hindering his opponent's mobility but allowing him to pass through easily.[1]
  • Black String Gauntlet (黒糸手甲(こくしてつこう), Kokushi Tetsukō): Suguru weaves the string into three-bladed tekko which can be used hit opponents. He can weave them onto his hands or feet.[2]
  • Armored String: Armored Wrapping (黒糸糾纏鎧(こくしきゆうてんがい), Kokushi Kiyūtengai): Suguru's variation of the Muscle Enhancing Weave using Ryuugou's string as the weave material, which he developed after watching Kanaka Kagami's battle. Like other variations of the technique, Suguru wraps himself with a weave replicating muscle patterns, increasing his physical capabilities.[2]
  • Black String: Shadow Puppet (黒糸影人形, Kokushi Kageningyō): Using his string weaves, Suguru creates bodies resembling his armored wrapping. By concealing his face, Suguru can blend in with the copies to conceal his location.[3]
  • Black String: Supreme Death Touch (黒糸豪点穴(こくしこうてんけつ), Kokushi Kōtenketsu): Suguru sends the pins of the sumitsubo into himself, piercing holes in his spirit arteries, instantly strengthening his flesh. This causes his muscles to grow larger and increases his physical capabilities.[3]


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