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Sanjuurou (三十郎(さんじゆろう), Sanjūrō) is a potter's wheel tsugumomo and member of Mayoiga who participated in the Mayoiga revolt.



Sanjuurou's original personality is unknown. After becoming a Person Eater, he swiftly became hostile and attacked several of his former allies.[1]


When Genbu's group left to attempt the assassination of Kukuri, Sanjuurou was one of the remaining radicals the stayed behind. With no one to keep them in check Sanjuurou and several other revolted.[2] Sanjuurou committed the taboo of becoming a Person Eater to gain power and killed twenty other residents of Mayoiga.[1]

When Akito Ashimine and his group return to Mayoiga, they confront Sanjuurou at the entrance and kill him.[3]


Mud Manipulation: Sanjuurou could manipulate mud, shaping it into people-shaped dolls to use as weapons. Prior to becoming a Person Eater Sanjuurou could only control a single mud doll when using all of his might but with his newly increased power he can create an entire army of mud dolls.[4] When damaged or destroyed the mud dolls simply reform themselves into their original shape.[5]


  • The name Sanjuurou means "three" (三) (san), "ten" (十) (juu) and "son" (郎) (rou).


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