Saori (砂織, Saori) is an hourglass tsugumomo belonging to Kasumi Kagami.




After the Kanaka was defeated by Kukuri and Kazuya's memories were sealed, Saori was given to Kasumi Kagami in order to protect her brother.


Time Manipulation: Saori is capable of slowing or accelerating time within a fixed area. The duration of the time manipulated comes at a cost of the same amount of time from the users existence. With Saori's special powers, Kasumi is able to manipulating time at will, typically to make it run faster, slower or even stop it. However, Saori can only control time in what she calls an "Area of Effect" and everyone inside that area is affected equally by her powers. While this limits her potential uses, she's still capable of utilizing in a designated area where it only affects a single person or object, like slowing down enemies attacks or increasing Kasumi's own time to react to see through their opponent. As incredibly useful as this ability is, it comes with the drawback of having a time cost, which forces the user to sacrifice an equal amount of time of their own in exchange.

  • Time Stopping Barrier: An advanced technique developed by Kasumi. By surrounding a specific area in circles, Kasumi and Saori are able to create a barrier that freezes the time inside for a determined period. At its greatest potential, Kasumi is able to make the time freezing barrier last as many as three years. This move was powerful enough to restrain even Kanaka Kagami, as it is impossible to escape from its effects once trapped inside. However, it has the rather huge drawback of trapping the user and Tsugumomo Saori as well.