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Seal Bindings (封帯(ふうたい), Fūtai) are scrolls used by exorcists used to let them carry around their tsukumogami with them.[1]


Seal Bindings are scrolls with the kanji "" on them. They are able to seal tsukumogami, storing them within the rolled up scroll. While sealed, the tsukumogami cannot use their abilities and have no awareness of what is happening outside.[1][2] Upon unrolling the scroll, the sealed tsukumogami will be released. The scrolls are capable of sealing away tsukumogami quite larger than itself, such as Masuji Madarai's Chuushingura, allowing users to carrying around with them what they would not be able to normally. Within Tsuzura Temple, in order to prevent infighting, a tradition began where all exorcists use seal bindings when carrying their tsukumogami with them.[1]

The taboo puppet bindings serve a similar function to seal bindings but with additional functionality and drawbacks.


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