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A Shadow (影, Kage) is the embodiment of ones repressed emotions.


Shadows are the embodiment of the repressed emotions of one's self. Both humans and tsugumomo possess a shadow-self. They look identical to their original counterparts, only growing monstrous, sharp teeth and shadows across themselves when they act more aggressive.[1]

If a shadow-self is able to defeat and overtake the original, their personality will be overwritten by the shadows.[1] Attempting to ignore the shadow will only cause the owner to withdraw into themselves, allowing for the shadow to overtake the original more easy. Even if the shadow is defeated they will continue exist within the original.[2]

Shadows tend to manifest in dreams and mirrors.[2] Shadows-selves also possess all the skills and abilities of their original and are able to use them to their full potential as they are not suppressed by their subconscious.[1]

Tsukumogami such as the mirror tsugumomo Mimane Miyou and Isuzu Iriha's pillow amasogi are capable of bringing out one's shadow self and manipulating them at will.[1][2]


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