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Shinobu (糸信(しのぶ), Shinobu) is a sewing needle tsugumomo and was one of the original members of Mayoiga.


Shinobu has long dark hair parted to the sides, partially obscuring her eyes most of the time. She is thin with small breasts and is slightly shorter than Kazuya Kagami. Prior to partnering with Kazuya, she often wore sullen expression but has grown softer since meeting Kazuya.

Her usual attire consists of a long cloak that conceals most of her figure, nearly reaching the end of her legs at the back and her pelvis at the front. On the two shoulder ends of her cloak are pin symbols, referencing her being a sewing needle Tsukumogami. Prior to partnering with Kazuya, beneath her cloak she wore a white jumpsuit like piece of clothing with the same symbol in the centre, along with long shoes. After partnering with Kazuya, she now wears a white long sleeved shirt with the same symbol, black shorts and slippers.

Colored depictions of Shinobu in her original attire depict a purple color scheme, having dark purple hair and eyes. Newer depictions of Shinobu in her current attire use a green color scheme, with dark green hair and eyes.



Shinobu was owned by noblewoman named Seinaishi. She put great effort into weaving a highly detailed kimono that would appease her master to no avail. Seinaishi dismissed her efforts, claiming it only be natural for a sewing needle tsukumogami to be able to sew and told Shinobu to make better use of the spiritual power she gives her. This event diminished Shinobu's sense of self-confidence.[1]

Some time later, Shinobu would join Miurahi's group of tsukumogami, taking part in the battle against Iwanagahime where she was one of the five survivors along with Miurahi, Tanmen, Sanjou and Chikage.[2] She is usually present at Tanmen's meetings and was present when Akito and Arumi Ashimine were welcomed to Mayoiga.[3] Shinobu is present for when Azami revealed herself to Mayoiga and told them how to obtain a Stone Shard from Kukuri.[4]


Mayoiga Revolt Arc

Shinobu's needles deflected by Kanaka

Shinobu is present at Tanmen's meeting with Akito and Yasuki discussing Genbu's revolt.[5] She is present during Miurahi's reawakening and planning of their assault on Kukuri to claim her Stone Shard.[6]

An illusion of Shinobu battles Honoka on their illusory ship, while the real Shinobu joins Miurahi's group, confronting Kukuri.[6] Miurahi tells his group not to participate in the fight in order to avoid needless sacrifices.[7] Shinbou and the others stand by as Miurahi and Kukuri battle in single combat until Miurahi is suddenly killed by Azami.[8] Azami then uses Miurahi's Stone Shard to resurrect Kanaka Kagami. Shinobu and the other members of Mayoiga attempt to attack Kanaka but are effortlessly defeated.[7]

Tsuzura Temple Arc

Shumon connects Shinobu and Kyouka.png

Shinobu is amongst the tsugumomo detained in Tsuzura Temple by Masuji Madarai's faction and rescued by Kazuya Kagami and Kyouka.[9] Kazuya takes ownership of Shinobu and the other Mayoiga tsugumomo in order to provide spiritual power to sustain them. When Takano Tagusari counts the number of tsugumomo under Kazuya's ownership to by 18, Shinobu remarks it should by 19 by Akito claims she is mistaken.[10] Shinobu and Shumon Bashi confront Kyouka about her refusal to her refusal to be owned by Kazuya, claiming she and the other members of Mayoiga should not trust people. Shinobu states she can trust Kazuya, having seen his true feeling upon him taking ownership of them. Kyouka remains skeptical since an owner having their heart open to their tsugumomo risks them becoming possessed. Deciding it would be quicker to show Kyouka directly, Shinobu has Shumon connect her and Kyouka's hearts to Kyouka's, so she can experience what Shinobu did. Kyouka remains skeptical stating Kazuya is a fool only trying to atone for being unable to protect others. Shinobu rebuttals that is precisely why they can trust him and since Kyouka was the only one approached directly by Kazuya that she should help him, convincing Kyouka to let Kazuya own her.[11]

Shinobu repairs Kiriha.png

After Kazuya finished helping the worn out Sunao Sumeragi and her match against Suguru Susuzumi in the Nine Masters Tournament, Shinobu meets with Kazuya to speak.[12] Shinobu brings Kazuya outside to thank him for his help and saving them despite being previously enemies.[13] She tells Kazuya that remains of Kiriha still posses some faint spiritual energy but is slowly fading. Shinobu repays Kazuya for his help by using her needles to repair Kiriha, telling Kazuya maintain physical contact with Kiriha until she full re-awakens. Kazuya hugs and thanks Shinobu causing her to blush.[14] Shinobu watches Kazuya's match against Masuji from the Partnership Faction's room on their TV and witnesses his victory.[13][14] After recovering the remaining Mayoiga tsukumogami from Madarai, Kazuya passes out from over-exhausting himself. Shinobu, Ouna and Sunao help wash the unconscious Kazuya and put him to bed.[15]

Kazuya's new partners.png

After the tournament, three days before entering the novel world of Continent of Magic: Chronicles of Ziral, Kazuya requested Shinobu be his tsukumogami and she accepted.[16] Shinobu is amongst the five tsugumomo to remain under Kazuya's ownership along with, Kiriha, Kyouka, Mimane Miyou, and Sosogu.[17]

Chronicles of Ziral Arc

Shinobu accompanies Kazuya and his other tsugumomo into the novel world to rescue Mami Mamisaka, suggesting she, Kyouka, and Sosogu should be inside Mimamane's mirror, to avoid misplacing seal bindings, to which Kazuya agrees. They are unknowingly separated from him when Mimane is stolen by Tilt, ending up in the possession of Teenya. Shinobu and Sosogu wait inside a house within Mimane's mirror world, overhearing Kyouka masturbating upstairs. Shinobu interrupts her and she discusses with them their weakening connections to Kazuya, deducing they have been separated and decide to reawaken Mimane.[18] Before they can do so, the three are expunged from the mirror world, after Mimane wakes up herself when Teenya and Tilt are being assaulted. Shinbu quickly dresses Mimane, assesses the situation and restrains the assailants, saving Teenya and Tilt. Tilt thanks Shinobu who then asks Tilt how she obtained Mimane's mirror, to which Tilt lies claiming she found it in the trash. Tilt leads the four to Dabada Dabaharl's slave market under the guise of obtaining information, tricking them into slavery.[19]

After they are finished being tortured, Shinobu questions Malmalika and they learn that Kazuya and Kiriha were also enslaved by Dabada. They conduct several tests attempting to escape with the bookmark provided to them by Oureisho but to no avail. The next day, Dabada has them perform as exotic dancers in revealing outfits.[20] Returning to the slave market that night, they find Tilt being beaten by the other slaves but are stopped by Shinobu. Tilt informs them of Dabada's plan to use Teenya and the other slaves as sacrifices to expand her Demon Mushroom Garden. Tilt begs them to help to which Shinobu accepts, formulating a plan for Tilt to kill Dabada.[21] Dabada has Shinobu and the remaining slaves gather at the front Gate of Yohne Castle while Tilt watches for the time to attack. The four along with the rest of the slaves are immobilized by the Demon Mushroom attached to Teenya's body and have their energy slowly absorbed. Tilt uses clone bodies the four had provided her to land a near fatal blow on Dabada but she survives her initial attack.[22] Tilt is eventually able to kill Dabada, freeing Shinobu and the others from their enslavement, only for Dabada to revive, undergoing demonic transformation. Dabada ensnares the group again with her tentacles but they are quickly rescued by Kazuya.[23] While Kiriha holds Dabada off, Kazuya takes Shinobu and the others to destroy the Demon Garden Mushroom and rescue the remaining slaves, using Shinobu's needle as a grappling hook to traverse the giant mushroom. Kazuya uses Simple Spiritual Intercourse to restore the four's spirit energy and then uses Sosogu's needles to destroy hostile enemies and cut free the other slaves. After destroying the mushroom and rescuing Teenya, Kazuya returns to Kiriha to fight Dabada.[24]

After Dabada is defeated, Kazuya and Kiriha spend their time locating demon spies and Demon Mushroom seeds until Teenya is eventually cured of her Hypermana Sensitivity. Shinobu explains the cause of Teenya's illness revealing it to a be a plot point in the third book of the series which she had read some time prior or during the mission. While the others are happy for Teenya and Tilt, Kyouka is still upset with Tilt selling them into slavery, to which Shinobu tells her does not matter since they will be leaving. With Teenya cured, the amasogi's desire was fulfilled and the group return to the real world. Later Shinobu spanks Kazuya and has Kyouka and Sosogue spank Kiriha and Ouna respectively as punishment for their poor behaviour and lack of preparation on the mission, as Shinobu was seemingly the only one who had read the novel and Mami's background information.[25]

Kazuya's Partners Arc

Some time after completing their mission, Kazuya walks with Shinobu and Mimane through a village gathering groceries where Shinobu continues to lecture Kazuya, much to Mimane's annoyance. Just as Mimane tells Shinobu she is misunderstanding something, Kazuya spots a minor monster and they proceed to capture it. Kazuya is able to capture it using Shinobu's needles to create a net and pin it down then stab it before capturing it within Mimane's mirror. After dealing with the monster, Mimane notes that Shinobu is no longer upset, telling Shinobu that the true reason she was upset was that she did not get used much in the novel world. Shinobu embarrassingly admits Mimane is right and walks off ahead of them, returning to Tsuzura Temple.[16]

Divine Resurrection Arc

Kazuya keeps Shinobu, Kyouka and Sosogu within Mimane's mirror when travelling to the Ookane Shirahagi Shrine. When Mimane awakens, releasing the other three, they find themselves in the dressing room of a bathhouse. They hear Kiriha and Kazuya inside and Mimane quickly strips while entering, forcing Shinobu to pick up her clothes. After changing, Shinobu, Kyouka and Sosogu find Kazuya sucking on Kokuyou's breasts while Mimane watches. Kokuyou recognizes Kyouka and confronts her along with the two other Mayoiga tsugumomo. Kyouka offers to fight Kokuyou but Shinobu stops her. Shinobu states that they do not regret their actions as they were doing what was necessary for their goal but is also prepared to accept the consequences, kowtowing before Kokuyou. Kokuyou confirm with Kazuya that he will be bringing the Mayoiga tsugumomo on his journey to Yomi, before kowtowing in return, requesting their help to revive Kukuri and putting an end to their differences once it is done. Shinobu accepts Kokuyou's terms and Sosogu and Mimane join in the bowing. They turn their heads to Kyouka, the only one still standing. Kyouka agrees without bowing, stating it is not enough to make amends for what she has done. They hear a scream, looking over to see Kiriha konchoeing Shirane Shirahabane. Kokuyou states Kyouka can repay her debt with the same method. Kyouka retracts her previous statement as Shinobu and Sosogu hold Kyouka down to be konchoed by Kokuyou.[26]

The next day, Kazuya and his party are dressed in kamui as Kukuri of Shirahagi explains the how they will be venturing to Yomi. With Shirane joining them as their guide, Kukuri escorts them all to Yomi Slope. There, they undergo the Final Water Sending Ritual to become half-dead, gaining the ability to see and enter Yomi. Before sending them on their way, Kukuri performs a water divination to assess the dangers ahead, predicting small misfortune.[27] Travelling through the Yomi Slope the group arrive at the first inspection area where they are stripped naked walk down a corridor of food meant to tempt them. Kiriha's stomach growls at the site of a large pudding set, giving them away. They are then forced to undergo the second examination, inspecting their lustful regrets. The group pass the test, making their way to the third inspection where they meet Chigaeshi no Ookami, and witness him repel a monster attempting to enter Yomi.[28]

After passing Chigaeshi, the group stop and find a place to rest. Kazuya sets Mimane down in a hidden area and the group enter her mirror world where Mimane has a house awaiting them. Shinobu watches Kazuya praise Mimane and recalls when she attempted to seek praise from her previous owner but failed. She recalls a previous moment where Kazuya praised her for repairing his uniform, remembering it fondly. While resting in her room alone, she thinks about the illusion from the lust inspection and masturbates. The group eat some of the provisions they brought, before Shinobu and Kazuya's other partners go take a bath together. Kiriha asks Kyouka to wash her back which she rejects, blaming Kiriha for what happened at the first inspection. Kiriha insists that they got to enjoy illusions thanks to her which Shinobu and Sosogu embarrassingly attempt to deny while Mimane admits openly to doing so. While bathing, Kiriha mentions she is going to sleep with Kazuya. Shinobu comments that when they sleep with him they are powered up and suggests the sleep with Kazuya in shifts. Kiriha vehemently denies the idea even after Kyouka brings up that they should all be in their best condition to rescue Kukuri. They end up playing rock-paper-scissors to decide an order, resulting in Shinobu sleeping with Kazuya first.[1] Entering his room to his surprise, Shinobu explains the situation to Kazuya. The two are too nervous to sleep and Shinobu leaves to get a relaxation liquor from Sosogu. Shinobu returns and lies on Kazuya hugging him to compare their heartbeats. Upon looking at Kazuya's face, Shinobu's becomes unrelaxed again and drinks another shot of the liquor, momentarily forgetting Sosogu's warning about drinking multiple doses in succession. Shinobu strips and begins making out with Kazuya while stripping and binding him with her sewing threads. Shinobu awakens the next morning, embarrassed about what transpired the previous night. She unbinds him but notices Kazuya still has an erection. She relieves him but Kazuya wakes up as she does so. After getting dressed, Shinobu tells Kazuya her behaviour was a result of the liquor and illusion from the second examination. She leaves and is greeted by the other tsukumogami. Kyouka asks about her night but Shinobu denies anything sexual having occurred. Before she can leave, Mimane comments on her kissing Kazuya, revealing she had been spying on them. Shinobu bribes Mimane with a cosplay outfit to not tell the others, unaware they were watching as well.[29]

Continuing their journey, Shinobu, Kyouka and Sosogu stay inside the mirror while the others continue travelling. Kyouka, Shinobu and Sosogu are released by Mimane to defend herself from the bandits known as the Yomi True Phoenicies. While they successfully dispatch a few of the bandits, Mimane is grabbed by Kamuado who challenges Kazuya to a duel for her return.[30]


Shinobu abilities.png

Finely Sharpened Needle (よきとぎ針, Yokitoki hari): As a sewing needle tsukumogami, Shinobu's primary abilities revolve around the use of needles that can be used to cut, stab, or sew. These needles can be thrown in multitude as projectiles.[6] With threads attached to them, they can be used to tie up others or as a grappling hook.[19][24]

  • Spirit Sewing (霊糸縫(れいしほう), Reishihō): Shinbo summons a large amount of threaded needles and uses them to sew together objects near her instantaneously.
  • Spirit Seeking Stab (霊辿刺(れいてんし), Reitenshi): The user stabs the target with a spiritually powered needle that can pierce through any defence. The needle's size can be increased to that of dagger or a short blade.[22] Shinobu can also create multiple needles at once connected via threads which can be used to all attack at once.[24]
  • Binding Pinpricks (縛針刺(ばくしんし), Bakushinshi): Multiple threaded needles are launched towards the target. The threads wrap around the target binding them while the needles pin themselves into their surroundings, immobilizing the target.[16]
  • Spirit Binding Net (霊帯網(れいたいもう), Reitaimou): Shinobu creates a net with her threads and needles which can be used to capture a target.[16]

Chapter Appearances

Chapter Appearances
Chronicles of Ziral Arc
114. Welcome to Another World Absent
115. Slaves in Another World Absent
116. Wall Dungeon Minadonari Absent
117. Level Ups and Tentacles Absent
118. Dabada's Dark Reputation Appears
119. Demon King Suppression Force Appears
120. Demongarden Mushroom Appears
121. Shinobu's Plan Appears
122. Teaming Up With Tilt Appears
123. Showdown with Dabada Appears
124. Showdown with Dabada 2 Appears
125. Kazuya vs. Daemon Dabada Appears
126. Kazuya vs. Daemon Dabada 2 Absent
127. Kazuya vs. Daemon Dabada 3 Appears
Kazuya's Partners Arc
128. Moody Shinobu Appears
129. Welcome Back, Tsuzura Temple Appears
130. Maddy and Taguri Appears
131. Sosogu and Kazuya Appears
132. Sosogu and Kazuya 2 Appears
Divine Resurrection Arc
133. Offering Thief Absent
134. Resurrection Absent
135. Shirane's Trial Appears
136. Death Preparations Appears
137. Chigaeshi, the Great Barrier Appears
138. Blood Mirror Mansion Appears
139. Shinobu's Kiss Appears
140. Yomi's True Phoenices Appears
141. Taunade Appears
142. Taunade vs. Kazuya Appears



  • Shinobu Inititial Name.png
    When Shinobu's name was first mentioned in Chapter 51, the accompanying furigana for her name pronounced it Shishin (ししん).[2]


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