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Shiori Shioiori (四百伊織しおり(しおいおりしおり), Shioiori Shiori) is an eighth sigil exorcist at the Tsuzura Temple. She is a participant in the Nine Masters Torunament, siding with Masuji Madarai's Servitude Faction. Her Tsukumogami is the bonsai Taroumatsu.


Shiori is a young girl with short, scruffy hair. She is usually seen wearing her exorcist uniform.



Shiori was a student of Ouhi Oriobana. At some point in time, Shiori grew to resent Ouhi's constant praise of her.[1]


Takano Tagusari gives up his seat as the third Nine Heavenly Masters to Shiori, allowing her to face Ouhi Oriobana in the Nine Masters Tournaments.[2] Prior to her match, Masuji Madarai gives Shiori two puppet bindings, one with a hairpin tsukumogami and another which he did not identify that was secretly a razor tsukumogami.[3][4] Shiori battles Ouhi in the seventh match of the tournament, growing increasingly frustrated Ouhi's constant praise.[1] Shiori uses her bound hairpin tsukumogami to try and gain an advantage over Ouhi, but Ouhi transforms into Ouna and easily defeats her. Ouna transforms back into Ouhi and attempts to convince Shiori to admit defeat. Just as Shiori is about to admit defeat, the bound razor tsukumogami flies out of its binding and lands critical blow on Ouhi, securing Shiori's victory.[3] Shiori is upset that she did not win on her own terms.[4]

Shiori is present along with other exorcists to watch Kazuya Kagami demonstrate his new ability of External Spirit Sense to them.[5]



  • Puppet Binding: For her match in the Nine Masters Tournament against Ouhi Oriobana, Shiori was given two puppet bindings containing different Tsukumogami. The first one was a hair pin tsukumogami, which Shiori used to counter Ouhi's hair-based abilities. The second was kept secret to her, a razor tsukumogami which released itself automatically just as she was about to admit defeat, against her will.

Bonsai Tsukumogami

Taroumatsu object form.png

Taroumatsu (太郎松(たろうまつ), Taroumatsu) is a bonsai tsukumogami and the primary partner of Shiori. It takes the forms of a small pine bonsai tree in a small circular pot. Its human form is never shown nor is it ever seen speaking.

  • Pine Arms (松腕(まつかいな), Matsukaina): Taroumatsu's primary ability, to manipulate the wooden parts of its tree body. The can grow at rapid rates, using the branches attack like large tentacles.[1]
    • Vajra (剛杵(こうしよ), Kōshiyo): Shiori uses Taroumatsu to form two large wooden fist weapons on both her hands, which she uses to punch.[1]
    • Petrified Form (石化相(せつかしよう), Setsukashiyou): Shiiori has the wood grown around her, encompassing her in a strengthened sealed wooden dome to protect herself.[1]
  • Pinecone Grenade (松笠弾(まつかさだん), Matsukasadan): The branches of the tree grow pinecones which detach from the tree and explode like grenades.[1]

Hairpin Tsukumogami

An unnamed hairpin tsukumogami which Shiori controlled with a puppet binding. Its human form is never seen nor has it ever spoken. Using it, she could summon many hairpin projections and manipulate them through the air.

  • Scattered Needles (散刺(さんざし), Sanzashi): Shiori sends multiple hair pin projections towards her target.


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