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Shirane Shirahabane (白刃翅しらね(しらはばね     ), Shirahabane Shirane) is a sacred sword tsugumomo and the divine messenger of the Ookane Shirahagi Shrine.[1]



Shirane is a very prideful individual. She acts condescending towards Kazuya and Kiriha when the two fail to notice Shirane's presence and later stating that the two would not normally be granted an audience with Kukuri of Shirahagi.[1] Shirane gets embarrassed when Kiriha wrestles her in the baths and when Kukuri tells her that Kazuya had been restraining his strength in all their prior encounters.[2][3] Even after being embarassed, Shirane still finds opportunities to talk down to Kazuya and Kiriha.[4] When Taunade sighs while effortlessly deflecting all of Shirane's attacks, Shirane gets extremely offended and angered.[5]

Kukuri of Shirahagi states Shirane has little experience with the outside world.[3] Shirane holds her master in high regard, being the only one she treats with reverence and respect. She also appears to harbour some romantic or sexual attraction towards her as when tested by illusions of her lustful desires, Kukuri manifested in the illusions.[6]


Divine Resurrection Arc

After Kazuya and Kiriha meet with Kokuyou at the Ookane Shirahagi Shrine, Shirane arrives to escort the three to meet with Kukuri of Shirahagi.[1] Kukuri punishes Kazuya and Kiriha for harassing her earlier, before bringing the group to where the body of the Kukuri of Kamioka is being held. After explaining the situation, Kukuri unveils her plan to have Kazuya and Kiriha to enter Yomi to retrieve their Kukuri's soul. The two agree but Shirane interjects, stating the plan is of great risk to her master. Shirane brandishes a blade and challenges the two to a duel for them to prove themselves capable of succeeding with Kukuri's plan.[7]

Battle-Shirane vs Kazuya.png

As the two duel, Kazuya proves capable of handling most of Shirane's attacks. Shirane decides to unleash a powerful attack but their battle is cut short by Kukuri who encases both combatants in water. Shirane expresses confidence that their duel proved her argument about Kazuya's inability to carry Kukuri's plan, but Kukuri decides the opposite to Shirane's surprise. Kukuri tells Kazuya he is to depart for Yomi immediately and that Shirane is to serve as their guide. Shirane protests, expressing concerns about Kukuri's safety in her absence. Kukuri dismisses Shirane's concerns and she reluctantly agrees. While Kukuri makes preparation for their journey to Yomi, she tells Shirane to join Kazuya and his friends in the bath in order to deepen their bonds.[2]

Shirane enters the bath where she finds Kiriha chastising Kazuya for allowing Shirane to overpower Kazuya during their battle, to which Shirane tells Kiriha to stop being a sore loser. Kiriha suggests Shirane has arrived to apologize to them but Shirane explains she is there strictly on Kukuri's orders to bond with them. Kiriha takes Shirane up on the offer and attempts to unleash her obi but fails, which Shirane explains as being a restriction of the Shrine's bathhouse. Shirane expresses her irritation at Kazuya and Kiriha bathing together and tells Kazuya not to look at her. While washing themselves, Shirane continues to express her disapproval of Kazuya and Kiriha despite Kukuri's choice. Kiriha admonishes Shirane for her arrogance and grabs Shirane from the legs under, lifting her up and exposing her crotch to Kazuya and Kokuyou. Shirane demands that Kiriha release her but Kiriha states they are simply deepening their bonds as Kukuri told her to, causing Shirane to grow more flustered. Kiriha pushes Shirane to the ground and washes her while Shirane yells for her to stop. Kazuya's other tsugumomo partners join the bath and after their confrontation with Kokuyou, they hear Shirane's screams after she is konchoed by Kiriha. Kazuya attempts to stop Kiriha but she goes in for a second strike.[2] Shirane regains consciousness to find Kiriha restraining her by the legs and witnessing Kazuya using Internal Spiritual Power Manipulation to heal Kyouka's anus. Kiriha tells Shirane Kazuya will heal her as well. Though Shirane initially refuses, Kiriha restrains and convinces Shirane to undergo the treatment.[3]

Returning to Kukuri, she asks Shirane if their bonds had deepened, to which Shirane hesitantly affirms. Shirane restates her doubts about Kazuya and Kiriha's capability of carrying out the mission. Kukuri dismisses her concerns once again and explains that Kazuya has been restraining his strength in all of their encounters, causing Shirane to grow embarrassed. Kukuri restates her order to guide them to yomi, reminding her she is not allowed to object. Shirane accepts and bows before leaving. The next day, Shirane and Kazuya's party are dressed in Kamui in preparation for their departure. Kukuri explains to them how their journey will go, explaining the rules and telling them to ask Shirane for further questions during their journey. Kokuyou expresses her desire to join them but Shirane reminds her she is not strong enough. Kukuri transports the group to the Yomi Slope where they undergo Final Water Sending Ritual to become half-dead. Before sending them on their way, Kukuri performs a water divination to assess the dangers ahead, predicting small misfortune.[3]

Shirane explains the various inspections they will undergo as they travel down the Yomi Slope. At the first inspection, the examination of food regrets, they are stripped naked and walk through a hallway of food. Their group arouses suspicion from the guards when Kiriha's stomach growls and she reaches towards a large serving of pudding. They forced to undergo the second inspections, the examination of lustful regrets, which Shirane wishes they could have avoided. During the inspection, Shirane is deceived by an illusion causing her to believe that they have already failed the test and were sent back. In the illusion, Shirane speaks with Shirahagi who comforts her sexually, causing Shirane to grow a penis. The illusion is interrupted the by Kyouka and Kiriha who rescue Shirane before she goes too far. Shirane is astonished when Kyouka tells her that she is the only one who fell for the illusion and thanks Kazuya for saving them. At the final inspection they pass Chigaeshi no Ookami and witness him repel an invader attempting to force their way into Yomi. Shirane mentions Chigaeshi's left hand was rumored to have been cut off by a lone girl which Kiriha is doubtful of.[6]

Passing Chigaeshi and venturing through the Iwatsubo Tunnel, Shirane tells the group to stop and rest. While Kazuya and Kiriha initially reject the idea, Shinobu has Shirane affirm that it will not delay their schedule. Shirane insults the two for believing they could carelessly charge ahead, annoying Kiriha. Shinobu agrees with Shirane and Kazuya sets Mimane down in a hidden area for them to enter her mirror world where Mimane has a house awaiting them. While resting, Shirane thinks back to the illusion while touching herself. While eating, Shirane re-explains to Kyouka the rules of eating food from Yomi. While the other girls take a bath together, Shirane reminisces about the illusion some more, feeling ashamed for being the only one to fall for it. Shirane catches Kazuya washing the dishes alone and gets a glass of water. She asks Kazuya if he is still thinking about the earlier illusions, surprising Kazuya to how she would know. Shirane points out his erection as evidence but expresses relief knowing she was not the only one affected by the illusion.[4]

The following morning, Shirane has Kazuya gather up his tsukumogami before continuing in order to avoid attention. Kiriha and Mimane stay outside while the other three reenter the mirror. Reaching Yomi, the group gather with the other souls listening to a speech by the Yomi guard. The guard is interrupted by Kamuado and her Yomi True Phoenices. Shirane suggest they escape quickly as the bandits incapacitate the guards and begin kidnapping people. Kazuya equips Kiriha and begins rescuing them despite Shirane telling him not to get involved. Mimane is kidnapped and they retreat forcing Shirane and Kazuya to give chase. Shirane berates Kazuya but states they are heading towards their destination anyways. She tells Kazuya not to underestimate them but states they should not be too much trouble and quick to defeat. Kazuya destroys the binding on Mimane, allowing her to release Kyouka, Shinobu and Sosogu to fight. Before Kazuya can recover Mimane, Kamuado snatches her away. Kamuado challenges Kazuya to duel Taunade for Mimane's return, otherwise being forced to join her should they fail. Shirane rationalizes Kamuado is not the type to lie and accepts the challenge on Kazuya's behalf, telling him to defeat her quickly.[8]

Shirane and Kazuya attack Taunade but find their attacks are ineffective despite Taunade moving at all. Kazuya discovers that Taunade is clouding herself in a fog of spiritual power which was negating their attacks. They enact their new plan where Kazuya disperses the fog with Kyouka allowing Shirane the opportunity to strike. Taunade easily block all of Shirane's attacks bare handedly and sighs, angering Shirane. Before Shirane can unleash another attack, Taunade incapacitates her and causing Shirane to wet herself.[5] Shirane is tied up with cursewrap bindings and awakes shortly after Kazuya is incapacitated by Taunade. Kazuya quickly reawakens using Ascension which Shirane is surprised Kazuya and his party are capable of. Shirane and the others continue watching Kazuya and Taunade battle, witnessing Kazuya landing a heavy blow to Taunade, briefly knocking her down.[9] Taunade quickly recovers and proceeds to incapacitate Kazuya and his tsukumogami.[10]

Kazuya and his allies are brought the the Yomi True Phoenices base, the Jawfire Fortress. Shirane and the other tsugumomo are kept bound in a cell while Kazuya recovers. After regrouping, Kamuado and Ayosari arrive to greet them and bring them a change of clothes. Kamuado gives them a tour of their base and explains their goal of preventing soul regression and returning to the living world. Shirane asks how but Kamaudo keeps it secret. After Kazuya and his group explain their goal, Kamuado allows them to continue on their journey on the condition they obtain a tooth of Izanagi's comb for them. Shirane allows this and Kazuya accepts Kamuado's deal. Before leaving Kamuado warns them of the danger within the depths of Yomi but Shirane states they are aware. Shinobu offers to stay behind as a hostage as per Kamuado's request and the remaining group head off.[10]

Kazuya has Kiriha use Obi Wheels while his other tsukumogami return to Mimane's mirror while Shirane rides on the back of of the obi wheels. Shirane warns Kazuya he is travelling too fast but Kazuya assures her that he can see and react fine using his External Spirit Sense. After bypassing some obstacles, Shirane begins to recent events and begins to feel inadquate compared to Kazuya. Kazuya interrups her midthought to have her reaffirm they are travelling in the correct direction. Suddenly Kazuya senses they are being chased by something that had avoided his External Spirit Sense. Looking back they find Hollowspine Demons chasing after them, Shirane surprised to find them so soon. After explaining the creatures to Kazuya, Shirane deals with their pursuers while Kazuya continues to drive. They are caught off-guard when Shirane falls for an illusion and mistakingly believes she had dispatched them all, causing them to dismount. Kiriha falls for an illusion and is consumed. Shirane warns Kazuya they have ten minutes to save her and attempts to extract Kiriha but Kiriha is possessed.[11] The two continue their efforts to free Kiriha but Kazuya's other partners also get possessed. Shirane comes under the influence of the demons' illusions, believing she had successefully defeated the and freed the others. Kazuya is able to punch himself out of the illusion but Shirane gets consumed and possessed. The five possessed tsukumogami overpower Kazuya but he is saved by Taunade but leaves Kazuya to deal with the problem himself.[12]


Shirane Object Form.png

Sacred White Sword (白宝剣(はくばうけん), Hakubauken): As a sacred sword tsugumomo, Shirane's manifests a short sword as her weapon of choice.[7] While battling she dual wields a pair of them.[2]

  • Hundred Split (百分裂(ひやぶんれつ), Hyabunretsu): Shirane creates numerous copies of her shorts swords that fly through the air and act as projectiles. Each of them are covered in an immense amount of spiritual power, making it difficult to deflect all of them.[2]
    • White Blade Downpour (白刃篠突(はくじんしのつき), Hyakujin Shino-tsuki): Shiranes summons her blades pointing downwards and sends them raining down on her enemies.[11]
  • Extending Thrusts (仙伸突(せんしんとう), Senshintō): Shirane extends her blade while thrusting it forward rapidly, allowing to repeatedly stab from a distance.[5]
  • Chaotic Stabs (乱刺(らんさし), Ransashi): Shirane strikes rapidly at a close range.[5]
    • Chaotic Hilt Stabs (柄乱刺(つからんさし), Tsuka Ransashi): Shirane imbues the hilts of her swords with power and strike rapidly with them.[12]
  • Blossoming Blitz (百華千迅(ひゃつか せんしん), Hyatsuka Senshin): Shirane splits her sword into multiple projections in both hands and rapidly strikes diagonally across from both, creating a claw-like pattern of slashes.[5]
  • Void Cut (空断(からだち), Karadachi): Shirane imbues her blades with energy allowing her to create air slashes capable of cutting enemies from a distance.[11]
  • Void Thrust (空突(からづき), Karazuki): Like Shirane's void cut except she point her blade towards her target, creating beam-like projectiles.[11]
  • Sweep Cut (斬撫(きりなで), Kirinade): Shirane makes precision cuts to a target to remove them without damaging the thing within them.[11]

Chapter Appearances

Chapter Appearances
Divine Resurrection Arc
133. Offering Thief Debut
134. Resurrection Appears
135. Shirane's Trial Appears
136. Death Preparations Appears
137. Chigaeshi, the Great Barrier Appears
138. Blood Mirror Mansion Appears
139. Shinobu's Kiss Absent
140. Yomi's True Phoenices Appears
141. Taunade Appears
142. Taunade vs. Kazuya Appears
143. Jawfire Fortress Appears
144. Hollowspine Demons Appears
145. Hollow Consumption Appears
146. Taunade Sensei Appears
147. Pulling Out Appears
148. Shirane's Feelings Appears
149. Escaping God's Bamboo Grove Appears
150. Yomi Grand Mortuary Appears



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