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Shizutsuki (静月(しずつき), Shizutsuki) was a sixth sigil exorcist at Tsuzura Temple who served as the dormitory superintendent for Kanaka Kagami.




Ouhi Oriobana introduced Shizutsuki to Kanaka Kagami upon her arrival to Tsuzura Temple. Shizutsuki went about training Kanaka and the rest of her students as usual. While aware Kanaka was the target of bullying, Kanaka did not react nor Shizutsuki intervene. Shizutsuki told Oriobana of the bullying along with Kanaka's poor performance and motivation, suggesting Kanaka be cut from the class the next term. She inquired to as why Oriobana admitted Kanaka to their facility to begin with, to which Oriobana explains an exorcist witnessed Kanaka escape the Kazenbou which had killed her family with ease. The two change their plans, allowing Kanaka and her classmates Hiyori Higashina, Sumire Suzutani, Kusumi Kuzusumi and Aruko Abataya to take their exorcist exam. Shizutsuki presented them with five tsukumogami to choose from as temporary partners, warning them to choose carefully and trust in their feelings. Kanaka being late, was left with the obi tsugumomo Kiriha.[1]

Shizutsuki oversaw Hiyori and Kanaka spar, complimenting Hiyori's performance but being puzzled to as what Kanaka was trying to accomplish with her tsukumogami. Several months later, Shizutsuki and Takigi Tagusari brought the five to their final exam, overseeing their extermination of Minor Monsters in a forest. During the exam, Shizutsuki noticed a unusual decrease in the monsters' population.[2] Later that night, the Kazenbou which had killed Kanaka's family revealed itself to be the cause and attacked the students. The students were quickly overpowered, and Shizutsuki suffered large wound saving Hiyori from an attack, which caused some of her blood to splash onto Kanaka. Surrounded by flames, the two instructors were left with no choice but to fight, but Shizutsuki is defeated. They are saved by Kanaka, having awakened to the thrill of combat from Shizutsuki's blood spilling on her. Kanaka easily destroys the Kazenbou and Shizutsuki has Takigi retrieve its remains. A month later, Shizutsuki and Takigi gave their report on Kanaka and the incident to Oriobana.[3]

Years later, Shizutsuki was speaking with Oriobana when Kanaka rushed into Oriobana's office naked begging to be Kamioka's exorcist. They explained the situation to Kanaka and Oriobana allowed Kanaka to take the job as long as she could persuade Kamioka's current exorcist to step down.[4]


Lamp Tsukumogami

Shirohibiki (白灯引(しろひびき), Shirohibiki): A Japanese paper lantern known as an andon. It is capable of shooting a blast of energy at its target.[3]

  • Shadow Lantern (影灯籠(かげとうろう), Kagetōrō): An ability that allows the user to create copies of themselves. The copies appear to have real physical effects when attacking.[3]


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