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Soul Regress (魂還力(こんかんりよく), Konkanryoku) is a phenomenon where souls return to the One Who is All.


Soul Regress is the process where one's soul returns to the One Who is All. Though present in the living world, its influence is greater within Yomi. Those who have died and exist only as souls experience an ever-present beckoning calling their soul to return to the One Who is All. Once the process is complete, the person's soul dissolves and the individual is gone forever. Those under the influence of Soul Regress can appear lifeless and tired. To stave off Soul Regress, one must constantly find new stimulation.[1]

The guards of Yomi encourage souls to give into Soul Regress, telling them to wander until they have cast off their desires and past life. The Yomi True Phoenices are a group of bandits residing within Yomi who oppose this belief, desiring to maintain their vessels for as long as possible so they can return to life and encouraging others to do so as well.[2]


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