Spiritual Intercourse (霊交接(れいこうせつ), Rei Kōsetsu) is a technique which utilizes sexual interaction to restore and strengthen spiritual power between a male and female partner. The term was coined by Ouna Oriobana.[1]



Spiritual Intercourse utilizes the bipolar circulation of the male yang and female yin energies between to allow one partner to transfer their energy to the other. Since it utilizes yang and yin energy found within male and females respectively, participants need to be of the opposites sex in order for this technique to work.[1] The technique can be used between with both human and tsugumomo partners. If one participant already full on spirit energy, they will feel the effects less. [1] It is possible for one partner to exhaust themselves transferring their spiritual energy to the other.[2] Though the technique does not require actual sexual intercourse, it does require both parties feel pleasure and intimate physical contact.[1]

Known Practitioners


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