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Suou Sumeragi (皇 すおう, Sumeragi Suou) was the elder brother of Sunao Sumeragi and previous owner of Kotetsu.


Suou was a young man with short hair.


Suou was a kind and caring individual who treated Kotetsu well and worked diligently so his younger sister could live an ordinary life.


Suou worked as the exorcist for Komiya where he was appointed by Honoka and partnered with Kotetsu. Suou often spoke about working as an exorcist to achieve an ordinary life for his sister and often spoke appraisal of Kotetsu to her.

Suou was killed by an amasogi, prompting Sunao to seek revenge while blaming Kotetsu for failing her brother.

Chapter Appearances

Chapter Appearances
Sunao Sumeragi Arc
20. Fist Pt. 1 Absent
21. Fist Pt. 2 Absent
22. Nemesis Flashback
23. Naked Blanket Roll Absent
24. Night Before the Confrontation Absent
25. Into a Dream Absent
26. Sunao vs Kazuya 1 Absent
27. Sunao vs Kazuya 2 Absent
28. Sunao vs Kazuya 3 Absent
29. Sunao vs Kazuya 4 Absent
30. Reward Absent
31. Memory Flashback
32. Fake Marriage Part 1 Absent
33. Fake Marriage Part 2 Absent
34. Kazuya's Fist Absent
Reversal Arc
42. Reversal! 1 Absent
43. Reversal! 2 Absent
44. Reversal! 3 Absent
45. Reversal! 4 Absent
46. Reversal! 5 Absent
47. Kirio in Top Form Absent
48. Sunao and Kotetsu Flashback


  • Suou's surname Sumeragi means "emperor" (皇).