Susumu Sumeragi (皇 すすむ, Sumeragi Susumu) is the husband of Suzuri Sumeragi and father of Suou and Sunao Sumeragi.


Susumu is a large muscular man with light skin. He has long black slicked back hair with a moustache and goatee.

He wears a white aikidogi with a black hakama.


Susuumu is very overprotective of his daughter Sunao, worrying that she will be injured in her sparring sessions with her mother and wanting to prevent Kazuya from forming any sort of relationship with her. His wife Suzuri is shown to be the dominant one in their relationship.


Susumu was considered the weakest man in the Sumeragi dojo, having not improved throughout the two years he had been there and was ridiculed by the other students. One day another student had him swap chores, leaving Susumu cleaning the bathrooms without training. Suzuri walked into the washroom naked while he was still cleaning. Suzuri prepared to hit Susumu but the two of them slipped, resulting in Susumu accidentally hitting her with broom. It had been the first time someone besides her father had landed a hit on Suzuri, so Suzuri had Susumu take responsibility and marry her. Susumu would be forced to undergo special training to make him a husband fit for Suzuri and they would get married six years later.