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Takano Tagusari (田鎖たかの, Tagusari Takano) is an exorcist at the Tsuzura Temple. She is the daughter of Takigi Tagusari and younger sister of Takumi Tagusari. While initially a member of the Servitude Faction faction, she was secretly a supporter of the Partnership Faction faction and later joined them.




Takano was born to the exorcist, Takigi Tagusari and is the younger sister of Takumi Tagusari. From a young age, together they trained with their mother and accompanied her on missions. Takumi was often overprotective of Takano would instruct her in what to do. [1]

At some point in time, Takigi separated her tsugomomo Gintsuki into two halves for her children to inherit, with Takano gaining Sasagure. At some point in time, their mother suffered serious injuries, an incident which lead to Takumi's obsession with being strong.[1]

It was because of Takumi that Takano was able to rise to the rank of eighth sigil. Within Tsuzura Temple, she was seen as inferior to Takumi in terms of skills.[2] Throughout their years together she had never beaten Takumi at fighting, studying, cooking, and more.[3]


Tsuzura Temple Arc


Chain Tsugumomo

Sasagure Object Form.png

Sasagure (ささぐれ, Sasagure): An iron chain tsugumomo with an iron weight on one end. Takano received it from her mother when she split up her own chain tsugumomo Gintsuki into two halves. One half named Sasagure was inherited by Takano, while the other half Shigure was inherited by Takumi. The majority of techniques she uses were taught to her by her brother, only recently acquiring new techniques which she learned from Kazuya Kagami.[1]

  • Binding Chain (縛鉄鎖(ばくてつさ), Baku Tetsusa): A technique where the user attempts to lasso their opponent.[1]
  • Chain Bullets (鉄鎖連弾(てつされんだん), Tetsusarendan): A technique where the user whips the end of their chain with the iron weight on it at their opponent repeatedly.[1]
  • One Step Chain Swing (鉄鎖振一歩(てつさしんいつほ), Tetsusashinitsuho): A technique where the user bundles up one end of their chain, using it as a short flail like weapon, hitting their opponents repeatedly.[1]
  • Chain Fists (鉄鎖拳(てつさけん), Tetsusaken): A technique where the user uses both ends of the chain to wrap both of their fists.[1]
    • Chain Extremities (鉄鎖足拳(てつさそくけん), Tetsusasokuken): While using Chain Fists, the user punches their opponent repeatedly.[1]
  • Chain Formation Six Large Weights (六大分銅 鉄鎖陣(ろくだいふんどう てつさじん), Rokudaifundō Tetsusajin): The user creates six chain projections, each forming large clumps at the end, resembling fundo, which are then used in a barrage attack against the opponent.[1]
  • Chain Enforced Muscle Weave (鉄鎖ちからおび, Tetsusa Chikara obi): A technique taught to her by Kazuya, it is Takano's variant of his reinforced muscle weave using chains instead of obi. Like Kazuya, she can weave it onto her arms or legs to increase their power. It is stronger than her Chain Fists technique.[1]
  • Giant Spiral Chain (大螺旋鉄鎖(だいらせんてつさ), Dai Rasen Tetsusa): A technique taught to her by Kazuya, it is Takano's variant of the spiral weave technique.[1]



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