Takumi Takei (竹井 たくみ, Takei Takumi) is a second year student at Kamioka East Middle School.




Takumi, Masato Matsuda and Ushio Umezawa talk about girls at the park. Takumi states his preference for Nanako Nanakai but he was rejected. The three see a beautiful girl walk along but see she is Kazuya Kagami. Masato recognizes Kazuya as someone he once bullied and gets jealous of someone like him could get with a cute girl.

The next day, on the roof of the school, the three attempt to bully Kazuya to have him introduce Kiriha to Masato so he can ask her out. Kazuya refuses and Takumi and Ushio hold Kazuya as Masato beats him up. Kiriha intervenes criticizing Kazuya for not fighting back. Masato asks Kiriha out and Kiriha agrees under the condition that he can beat Kazuya. Masato and Kazuya fight and Masato is heavily injured by Kazuya. Masato and his friends bring out knives insisting there was no rules against using tools. Kiriha turns into an obi and joins up with Kazuya, easily defeating the three.


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