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Tanmen (丹面, Tanmen) is a bowl tsugumomo and the leader of Mayoiga during Miurahi's absence.


Tanmen is a short old man with bushy white eyebrows and a long white beard which tied at the end. He has long earlobes and wears a hat resembling a bowl.



Tanmen was one of the few survivors that joined Miurahi in his battle against Iwanagahime. Using Iwanagahime's Stone Shard, Miurahi and survivors formed Mayoiga. Before sealing off his consciousness, Miurahi told Tanmen and the other survivors to gather powerful tsugumomo that had been abandoned in order to perform the Onogoro Festival.[1]

Tanmen welcomed Akito and Arumi to Mayoiga, apologizing for Yasuki hostile greeting.After some time, Tanmen revealed to Akito and Arumi the truth of Mayoiga, having killed a god to use their Stone Shard to sustain them, and their plans to procure another one. Akito and Arumi decide to aid them, Arumi using her divination to ascertain the best course of action to compensate for their limited ability to gather information from the outside world themselves. Over time, some inhabitants would grow frustrated waiting for Arumi's divination to bear fruit. Genbu attempted to attack his way through Tanmen but was defended by Sarara and Urara.[2] Arumi's divination eventually resulted in the capture of Azami who informed them of Kukuri's weakening and agreed to cooperate if they followed her instructions.[1]


Mayoiga Revolt Arc

Tanmen welcomes Akito and Yasuki back to Mayoiga after they defeat Sanjuurou. They exchange information on what has occurred, and apologizes for failing to keep the revolter in line. Upon learning that Arumi, Mimane, Azami and Chikage went to bathe, he attempts to go watch but is tied up by Urara and Sarara.[3]

Arumi uses her divination revealing two stone shards. Upon seeing this, Tanmen decides to reawaken Miurahi from his mediation.[4] Miurahi introduces himself they announce that Mayoiga will begin their full assault on Kukuri to claim her stone shard.[5] Azami tells them not to harm Kamioka's exorcist, to which Tanmen says is an unreasonable demand, angering her. Akito calms Azami down, telling her that he will handle Kazuya.[3] Mayoiga launch their invasion via a giant flying ship which is intercepted by Honoka. Using Mimane's power to create a decoy, Miurahi and a small group of tsugumomo make their way to Kukuri while Tanmen and the rest remain behind to distract Honoka.[5] Upon Miurahi's death, Mifune was no longer able to sustain their ship, causing it to collapse and all those on board to fall, some reverting back to original forms as they did. Miurahi is caught by Shien but Shien is unable to create smoke to catch everyone. Honoka catches the falling tsugumomo and tells Tanmen and rest to surrender since the battle has already been decided. Tanmen reluctantly agrees and orders everyone to reveal their true names.[6]

Tsuzura Temple Arc

After the Mayoiga tsugumomo surrendered, they were taken to Tsuzura Temple and put in storage. Tanmen is not seen amongst the tsugumomo rescued by Kazuya and Kyouka though Akito comments that their usual mediator is feeling unwell when negotiating with Ouhi.[7] Tanmen is not seen amongst the tsugumomo recovered after Masuji Madarai's defeat, leaving his current status unknown.[8]



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