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The Tsuzura Temple (つづら殿(つづらでん), Tsudzura den) is a facility which manages the training of exorcists, the appointment of exorcists and aberration suppression.




Unnidentified Council Members

Tsuzura Temple is ruled by head priest Ouhi Oriobana with Masuji Madarai as assistant head priest. Control of Tsuzura Temple belongs to nine exorcists known as the Nine Heavenly Masters are chosen via the Nine Masters Tournament.[1] There also exist a council which has yet to be seen.[2]

An inner conflict between a few members of the temple has resulted in the members being split into two factions, the Partnership Faction who believe in equal rights for their tsukumogami and the Servitude Faction who believe that tsukumogami are nothing but tools and should be treated as such. The Partnership faction is lead by Oriobana while the Servitude faction is lead by Madarai. The majority of the temple residents do not belong to either faction.

Servitude Faction

The Servitude Faction (隷付喪神派(れいつくもがみは), Reitsukumogami ha) is lead by Masuji Madarai, treating their tsukumogami partners as tools, and believing them to be subordinate to humans.[3] Madarai believes their refusal to overly patronize their tsukumogami aids their strength, allowing even less skilled exorcists to fight on par with those more skilled.[4] This desire for more strength at any costs can be seen in the faction's members such as, Shiori Shioiori who is willing to go to great lengths to defeat Ouhi, Takumi Tagusari who possesses an obsession with becoming stronger, and Suguru Susuzumi who enjoys fighting and facing strong opponents. Madarai disagrees with the idea of relying on a few strong people with strong connections to their tsukumogami, rather believing his method to be the most efficient at raising everyone's talent as a whole.[4]

With Madarai's defeat and departure after the Nine Masters Tournament, his loss of influence, the revulsion in response to his actions during the tournament, and Ouhi's promise to implement new regulations to ensure exorcists treat their tsukumogami well, this faction as essentially become defunct.


Partnership Faction

The Partnership Faction (親付喪神派(しんつくもがみは), Shintsukumogami ha) is lead by Ouhi Oriobana and believe human and tsukumogami to be on equal footing. Those belonging to this faction tend to treat their tsukumogami like companions and show concern for theirs and others' tsukumogami's well being. By forming strong bonds, members of this faction tend to more skilled than those of the Servitude Faction, with members such as Kazuya Kagami and Sunao Sumeragi who have achieved Ascension due to their strong bonds.



Tsuzura Temple Style Arm Wrestling

Tsuzura Temple Arm Wresting.png

A special type of arm wrestling performed while standing. Both contestants start with the backs of their hand to each other with their other hand behind their back. They may only use one arm and both their feet must remain on the ground at all times. If one contestant manages to force their opponent's feet off the ground or are able to land a decisive blow to their opponent's head using their arm, they win.

The Nine Masters Tournament

Control of Tsuzura Temple belongs to nine exorcists known as the Nine Heavenly Masters (九殿冠(きゆうてんかん), Kiyūten Kan). The Nine Masters Tournament (九殿武闘会(きゆうてんよとうかい), Kiyūten Yotōkai) is a combat tournament to decide who the gains the role.[1] In the tournament challengers will battle against the current masters in non-lethal, one-on-one combat, with the faction who wins the majority of the masters taking the role.[5] Matches are overseen by a neutral referee and participants are given Sakuri to negate any actual harm to them by absorbing any damage taken. Once a contestant's Sakuri is destroyed, they lose the match. Matches take place in a large arena where other exorcists may come to spectate from the bleachers.[6]


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