The Tsuzura Temple (つづら殿(つづらでん), Tsudzura den) is a facility which manages the training of exorcists, the appointment of exorcists and aberration suppression.




Tsuzura Temple is ruled by head priest Ouhi Oriobana with Masuji Madarai as assistant head priest. An inner conflict between a few members of the temple has resulted in the members being split into two factions, the Pro-tsukumogami who believe in equal rights for their tsukumogami and the Enslave Tsukumogami faction who believe that tsukumogami are nothing but tools and should be treated as such. The Pro-tsukumogami faction is lead by Oriobana while the Enslave faction is lead by Madarai. The majority of the temple residents do not belong to either faction.


Tsuzura Temple Style Arm Wrestling

Tsuzura Temple Arm Wresting
A special type of arm wrestling performed while standing. Both contestants start with the backs of their hand to each other with their other hand behind their back. They may only use one arm and both their feet must remain on the ground at all times. If one contestant manages to force their opponent's feet off the ground or are able to land a decisive blow to their opponents head using their arm, they win.

The Nine Masters Tournament


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