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Wakana Wakisaka (脇坂わかな, Wakisaka Wakana) is a student attending Kamioka East Middle School.


Wakana has light skin and long black shoulder length hair. Her hair is parted to the side, revealing her large shiny forehead. She wears rectangular glasses with black rims. She wears the standard Kamioka East Middle School female uniform. Within her amasogi game board space, she wore a sash with the name of her game on it.


Wakana appears to have an obsession with romance, asking others out many times in order to fulfill her desires. This desire is reflected in her amasogi as after being rejected too many times, she grew resentful and an amasogi was birthed from her jealousy. She appears to like prying into people's personal lives, as her amasogi would question her targets about the intimate details of their relationships.


Mayoiga Revolt Arc

After being rejected too many times by boys, Wakana developed a desire to see couples break up, which manifested as an amasogi in the form of her sugoroku set. Wakana traps Kazuya Kagami, Kiriha, Akito Ashimine, and Arumi Ashimine within her amasogi's quiz rooms, forcing them to answer relationship related questions in order to escape. The two couple reach the final question where Kazuya and Kiriha fail but Akito and Arumi succeed. Wakana destroys her amasogi to reward the two for clearing her game.[1]

Former Abilities

Sugoroku Amasogi

Wakana Sugoroku.png

Sugoroku(すごろく, Sugoroku): A sugoroku board which became an amasogi out of Wakana's jealousy of other couples after being rejected herself too many times. It served to fulfill Wakana's desire to see other couples break up. It traps her targets within a pocket space representing the board game, where Wakana herself acts as the host. Wakana's control over the game space renders any attempts to target her directly futile. Within the space, Wakana can travel freely, phasing in and out wherever she wishes while her targets must roll dice to move between spaces. Invisible walls and trapdoors ensure the targets will always be where they are suppose to be on the game board.

Wakana Kokeshi Dolls.png
  • Love Sugoroku Quiz (恋のすごろクイズ, Koi no sugorokuizu): The board functions like sugoroku, with each couple being given a giant dice to roll and a question for each space they land on. The questions will pertain to their romantic and sexual knowledge of each other. Even if Wakana has no knowledge of the target, the game will know if they answered correctly or not. To advance, the couple must answer correctly within the given time limit. Failure to to do so will result in the couple being sent one space back and an article of clothing being removed from the female of the couple. Failing the final question will result in the couple being sent back to the beginning. Completely failing the game, presumably when no more clothes can be removed, results in the couple being transformed into kokeshi dolls, becoming trapped by Wakana until released.
    • Questions: The questions asked can specify which partner it wishes to answer if Wakana desires so. The final question at the goal of the board is the same each time, as Wakana believed it to be the ultimate barrier to break up couples. The known questions are:
      • Questions for the female:
        • What is your partner's erogenous zone?
        • How many times do you masturbate per week?
      • Questions for the male:
        • What is your female partner's most sensitive erogenous zone?
        • What is your partner's breast size?
        • What is your partner's preferred position?
      • Neutral questions:
        • Up to now, how many times have you had intercourse?
        • How many times have you kissed?
        • Final Question: Who is the person the male partner currently likes the most?



  1. Tsugumomo Manga: Chapter 56

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