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Weave techniques are a type of fundamental ability for certain types of tsukumogami. They are primarily used by the obi tsugumomo Kiriha and Azami with their respective partners.

Several of the techniques have been recently adapted by Takano Tagusari and her chain tsugumomo Sasagure. Characters such as Mimane Miyou and Shinkurou Shishizaki's tsugumomo with the power copy other abilities have also used such techniques.

General Techniques

Obi Jab (帯突き(おびづき), Obi Dzuki): The obi forms a roll to hit people with. In the video game world the combo for the technique is "→←RP" with a crouched variant being "↘↙RP".

  • Double Jab (ふたつき, Futatsuki): Two obi jabs at once.

Obi Throw (帯落とし, Obi Otoshi): The obi grabs the target and throws them.

Obi Bind (おびじめ, Obijime): The obi wraps around the target in an attempt to bind or grab them.

Spiral Weave

Spiral Weave (螺旋綴(らせんつづり), Rasen Tsudzuri): The signature attack of the obi tsugumomo, the weave rolls into a large cone which drills into the target. In the video game world the combo for the ability is "↓↙←↙←RP+LP" and requires the user to build up their super meter in order to use.

  • Eight Fold Blade (ハ重刃(やえば), Yaeba): The user creates eight spirals layered on top of one another which then unwind with great force.
  • Eight Fold Sakura (ハ重桜(やえざくら), Yaezakura): The spiral forms a more round shape with the point in the centre before pushing outward.
  • Eight Fold Strike (ハ爪(はつそう), Hatsu-sō):The user launches eight simultaneous smaller spiral weaves at the target.

Giant Spiral Chain (大螺旋鉄鎖(だいらせんてつさ), Dai Rasen Tetsusa): Takano Tagusari's variant of the spiral weave technique.

Shield Weave

Shield Weave (たてつづり, Tate tsudzur): The weave forms a square panel which can be used to block attacks.

  • Two Fold (二重かずら(ふたえかずら), Futa ekazura): A stronger version of the shield weave using two layers.
  • Watershed (水分り(みくまり), Mikumari): The shield weave bends inwards creating an edge. The form can be used to slice through large attacks or cause smaller attacks to rear off to the side.
  • Soundproof (おとなし, Otonashi): A technique developed by Kazuya to combat Kyouka. The weave takes the form the panel of an anechoic chamber neutralizing all sound based attacks in its direction.

Muscle Enhancing Weave

Muscle Enhancing Weave (力帯(ちからおび), Chika-ra obi): The weave forms the pattern of muscles and acts to enhance the users physical capabilities.

  • Coiling Snake (縒蛇(よりかがし), Yori Kagashi): Using the muscle weave on their arms, the user hits their target with their hand sideways. Quickly, the weave then unwinds the hand upwards, sending a great amount of force through their target.
  • Leg Enhancement (たたらむすび, Tatara Musubi): The weave technique applied to the users legs allowing them greater movement capabilities.
    • Quake Leg (震脚(しんきやく), Shinki Yaku): The user hits the terrain beneath them using their weaved legs to create a shockwave.
  • Hand Blade (てがたな, Tegatana): The user creates blades on their arms.
  • Hundred Blossoms (百華(ひやつか), Hiyatsuka): Using their arm weave,the user punches their target rapidly. It is also possible to use this technique with the Double Handed Weave.
  • Twelve Feats (十二奏(じゆうにそう), Jiyūnisō): A technique used by Kanaka, the user creates a large muscle weave encompassing the entirety of their body except their head.

Chain Enforced Muscle Weave (鉄鎖ちからおび, Tetsusa Chikara obi): Takano Tagusari's variant of the technique using her chain tsugumomo.

Other Techniques

Obi Bundle (からみだま, Karamidama): The user keeps their obi wrapped in a loose bundle, allowing them to quickly change its form quickly without committing to a particular form or giving away their attack.

Obi Wheels (おびぐゐま, Obi Guwima): The user uses their obi to form wheels allowing them to travel faster. The forms may vary such as two wheels in the form suspending the user, a cart or a single wheel the use grabs on to.

Drum Weave (帯太鼓(おびたいこ), Obi Otaiko): A technique developed by Kazuya Kagami to counter Kyouka the flute. The weave forms the shape of a drum which deflects sound based attacks.

Hammer Weave (げんのうつづり, Gennō Tsudzuri): The user weave forms the shape of a hammer. The technique allows for the user to easily crush its targets.

  • Greater (だいなり, Dainari): A larger variation of the normal hammer weave.
  • Hundred Mallets (百こづち, Hyaku Kodzuchi): The user creates many smaller variations of the hammer weave.

Feather Weave (はねつづり, Hane Tsudzuri): The weave forms a pair of wings allwoing the user to glide and fly around.

Fence Weave Inner Court Formation (かきつづりつまごみの陣, Kaki tsudzuri tsuma gomi no jin): Kiriha's ultimate defence, a multilayered weave around oneself forming a protective barrier.

Crossbow Weave (ゆみつづり, Yumi Tsudzuri): The weave forms the shape of a large crossbow allowing the user to launch objects.

Doll Weave (かたつづり, Kata Tsudzuri): A weave technique developed by Kazuya. The weave forms the shape of a person which can be used to distract the target or act as a decoy. The user is also able to launch various attacks from the doll.

Double Handed Weave (もろてつづり, Morote Tsudzuri): The weave forms to flat, large hands. It can be used to offensively to attack or defensively shield oneself. This form allows for easy transition into the Watershed form.

  • Obi Straight Punch (おびせいけん, Obi Seiken): The weave forms a large fist which can be used to punch.
  • Double Handed Throw (もろてなげ, Morote Nage): The use grabs the target with the weaved hands and throws them with great force.
  • Hundred Blossoms (百華(ひやつか), Hiyatsuka): Using their weaved arms, the user punches their target rapidly. It is also possible to use this technique with the Muscle Enhancing Weave.

Spear Weave (やりつづり, Yari Tsudzuri): Similar to the spiral weave, the weave rolls up forming a cone shape. This weave is much thinner and is does not unwind like the spiral weave but is meant to simply pierce the target.

  • Three Claw (三爪(さんそう), San-sō): The user creates three spear weaves to launch at the target.

Fan Weave (さしはつづり, Sashiwa tsudzuri): The weaves forms the shape of a gunbai which can be used to hit the target or create burst of wind.