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Yuuichi Nishina (仁科 ゆういち, Nishina Yūichi) is a third year student at Kamioka East Middle School who was popular enough to have a fanclub of hismelf consisting of Eiko Nago, Sakumi Muratsuki, Yuu Osakabe, Tarako Ikura and Kanako Koganei.


Yuuichi has light hair and skin.

He wears his school uniform consisting of a white shirt and pants.


Yuuichi appears to have a generally positive personality as he was usually seen smiling in flashbacks. He appears somber when talking about Eiko Nago after her death, but he was still willing talk about it when questioned by Kazuya Kagami and his friends.


Yuuichi was the target of affection for many girls in his class, including Eiko Nago, Sakumi Muratsuki, Yuu Osakabe, Tarako Ikura and Kanako Koganei who formed a fanclub for him. Within the fanclub, the girls agreed that none of them would make advances on Yuuichi, but Yuuichi himself grew romantically interested in Eiko. This caused distance between Eiko and the group, resulting in her leaving the group and distancing herself from Yuuichi.[1]

Two years ago, Eiko confessed her love for Yuuichi. Having already fallen in love with Eiko, Yuuichi reciprocated her love and promised her a date. Later that same day, Eiko committed suicide by jumping off the school roof.[2]


Local Exorcist Arc

Around the time a figure resembling Eiko Nago began appearing around the school, Yuuichi encounters it on the way home. He asks the figure about Eiko's confession, but he receives no response, leading him to believe it a fake. The fake Eiko asked Yuuichi about the whereabouts of a letter.[3]

Kazuya Kagami and his group interview Yuuichi about Eiko and the ghost rumors and Yuuichi tells them what occurred. Their interview is cut short by Sakumi Muratsuki who drags Yuuichi away and Yuuichi tells them to investigate the fake Eiko's mention of a letter before leaving.[3]

Chapter Appearances

Chapter Appearances
Local Exorcist Arc
10. Intensive Training Absent
11. Spacing Absent
12. Memories and Childhood Friends 1 Absent
13. Memories and Childhood Friends 2 Absent
14. Romero Special Absent
15. Kaneyama-san Absent
16. Letter, Pt. 1 Debut
17. Letter, Pt. 2 Mentioned
18. Letter, Pt. 3 Flashback
19. One Day at the Kagami Home Absent


  • Yuuichi's surname Nishina means "compassionate" (仁) (ni) and "family, department, course, section" (科) (shina).


  • Yuuichi is one of the few characters in the series with a non-alliterative name.


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